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100% New Zealand sheep wool OR Antiallergenic
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Filled with purest 100% Wool or polyester baby loungers for hanging cradles, moses baskets, baby cribs, parents' bed or more.

Your baby or a toddler will snuggle into this comfy, soft, cozy nest and will calm right away! A wonderful co-sleeper, lounger, nest for a baby or a toddler that will provide safe and cozy environment from the first day. It is a perfect place to get a snuggly nap, rest & play cozily. The high & soft sidings keep the little one safe at all times. It gently hugs your baby she feels secure and touched while preventing her from rolling or turning.

Our baby loungers are created to ideally fit all SWINGY NEST hanging baby cradles (EXCEPT toddler loungers!) and they are a perfect match.

All our loungers are handmade therefore individually inspected before shipping them out to our customers.

Note: sold without the bassinet or other accessories seen in the product pictures.

  • Sidings protect the baby from rolling away and from you rolling over the baby
  • Hammock area does not have thick filling, only a thin 2 cm (0.8 inches) layer that keeps the baby warm and cozy at all times.
  • Zipper to adjust the filling if needed

WOOL lounger features:

  • Wool has got a natural ability to regulate your body temperature unlike any other material, so the baby won’t feel too hot or too cold, allowing her or him to sleep longer and better
  • Has got a natural ability to keep the body cool in the summer & warm in the winter
  • Regulates body moisture, beneficial for babies who tend to sweat during night
  • Makes sure that baby stays in a healthy posture during sleep because of the unique way the springy wool fibres support bodyweight
  • Is naturally dust mite resistant (dust mites do not like wool)
  • Is naturally anti-microbial and anti-bacterial

Age: 0 - 9 month
Dimensions: 54 x 80 cm
The height of the sides are ±13 cm

Age: 6 months - 2,5-3 years
Dimensions: 56 x 95 cm
The height of the sides are ±13 cm

Insert Cover: OEKOTEX certified 100% cotton fabric

Slip on covers: 100% organic cotton double gauze muslin


  • 3,75 pounds (1,75 kg) of 100% pure highest quality loose sheep wool
  • OR hypoallergenic polyester fibre fill. Both are safe for babies from birth. Neither wool not polyester fibre does not provide any allergic reactions or any other harm to babies health
  • Lounger slip on covers are machine washable at 30 degrees in Celsius, gentle cycle, using mild detergent.
  • Polyester filled lounger can be washed with cold water, mild detergent and with a gentle cycle. Leaving it to air dry in warm open space COMPLETELY before using it again. If using a dryer, use a COOL temperature setting or air dry. Make sure to dry your lounger COMPLETELY before using again. To reduce washing, we recommend purchasing our removable slip on covers.
  • DO NOT WASH your WOOL FILLED LOUNGER. To avoid stains directly in Your wool lounger, we highly recommend purchasing our slip on covers for your wool lounger. However, if you have got a stain on the wool lounger, use a wet cloth with a gentle stain remover to remove it if needed.
  • There are zippers in all our loungers, so there is always the last solution - to take out the wool filling, to wash the lounger without it and after it is clean and dry again, fill in the wool back to the lounger.
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