Our story


It all started a few years ago, when we expected our first baby son. We searched for a hanging cradle for our newborn and thought of the solution how to make it a place where our baby could stay and sleep safely, cozily and comfortably. At the same time we love to decorate our home with minimalistic and natural, Scandinavian design items. Having trouble finding a hanging bassinet that would be functional, cozy and safe for the baby, and stylish and beautiful for our home at the same time, we decided to design and make the hanging cradle ourselves. All of our 3 babies have slept in a hanging cradle their first years of life, night sleeps & daily naps. They all had long and unbroken sleeps. We believe that using the hanging bassinet instead of a regular bed, our babies developed into healthy and 'easy' kids.

Different babies and the same method assured us - the hanging bassinet truly is one of the best solutions for the growing child. Therefore, we wanted to share this with the other parents.​

We have come a long way since then, but the main idea remains the same. SWINGY NEST is all about natural, 100% baby friendly materials, products are designed to last a long time and provide the best experience for parents and their little ones. All the items are first tested and used by our own children and then offered to the other parents. And it truly makes us so happy to see so many families enjoy using our products.


SWINGY NEST collection - all handmade & individually inspected

Our collection in designed and made in European Union, by hand. It consists of minimalistic & elegant design, safe & child friendly products. They are created to be at the same time functional and sustainable.

Our products like hanging baby cradles, baby loungers, swaddles, baby - toddler swings or any other - all of them are not a factory made but handmade using highest quality materials: organic cotton fabrics, pure undyed wood. And are therefore also friendly to the environment. They are reliable and durable enough to be used for many years and handed from one child to the next. All of our products are individually inspected before shipping them out to the customer su ensure parents and their children get the best experience!